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Atherectomy  What is it?
        What is an atherectomy? An atherectomy is removal of plaque from the inside of the artery. Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to various organs of the body. Over time, arteries can get clogged up with cholesterol plaques just like a pipe used for plumbing.An atherectomy when done with an open surgical approach is usually known as an endarterectomy. This involves making an incision in the body and exposing the involved blood vessel. The artery is clamped above and below the blockage and it is cleaned out. After it is cleaned out the artery is repaired and blood flow is restored.  An atherectomy by the Silverhawk™ device  benefits the patient by providing a minimally invasive way of cleaning out the plaque.  A catheter is placed into the blood vessel, usually in the groin, with local anesthesia. Then the Silverhawk™ atherectomy device is delivered down to the plaque like a plumber snaking a clogged pipe. The Silverhawk™ device is turned on and removes the plaque.

Above is an image of the Silverhawk™ atherectomy device shaving plaque from inside of the artery. The Silverhawk™ device is introduced through a tiny puncture in the artery and then is positioned at the heavy plaque in the artery. The Silverhawk™ device is available in multiple sizes and is tailored to the size of the artery being treated. By shaving off the plaque from the inside of the artery blood flow is increased. Patients with claudication, PAD,poor circulation or with gangrene benefit from the Silverhawk™ device.  Dr. Sarnelle has the vascular surgery training necessary for using the Silverhawk™.  Patients are given the advantage of a much faster recovery.

Dr. James Sarnelle is a vascular surgeon and performs this procedure in Stamford, at The Stamford Hospital.

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